It's Cold

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

SWEATER: Urban Outfitters   LEGGINGS: Old Navy   BOOTS: Steve Madden   SHIRT: Forever21   WATCH: Micheal Kors   LIPSTICK: Speak Louder by MAC

Hey guys Erin here, sorry for the random posts here and there I have been busy taking good care of my foot. As basketball has come to an end I have had more time to focus on my blog and my lovely followers. As I did this shoot it was very cold, but what I loved about this look is that the sweater and extra layers kept me toasty warm. With this sweater you can do a lot of different looks and styles but this time, I wanted to go for more of a classy feel. By adding the maroon leggings it gives the style a nice bit of color, and the boots blended well giving it an older touch. I also added the collar underneath my sweater to give it a better classy feel, adding a hint of gold accessories helped perfect the outfit.

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