All Grown Up

Thursday, November 21, 2013

SHIRT: Forever 21  SCARF: H&M   JEANS: Gap   BOOTS: Steve Madden

 It's officially cold up here. Like really cold. Like so cold that I gave my sister evil looks in between photos during this outfit shoot. But hey, at least it wasn't raining! Now that the crisp fall weather is  starting to ween into chilly winter days I really wanted to get as much use out of the jeans, boot, shirt and scarf go-to as I could. This time around I wanted to go for a more fancy, grown up look, which I think is super cute for maybe a Thanksgiving outfit or shopping downtown for Christmas gifts. I love this scarf from H&M because of how large and colorful it is. Since this color was impactful enough I wanted to keep the remaining outfit pieces more along the neutral lines. These Steve Madden boots are so great to pair with an outfit like this. Do any of you have a favorite "go-to" pair of boots for the fall and winter months?

A is for Awesome

Saturday, November 16, 2013

SHIRT: Forever 21   SCARF: A present   JEANS: Gap   SHOES: Nordstrom BP   BAG: Longchanp

We are all awesome in one way or another, I think that it is time that we all show it! This look is comfy and causal, perfect for everyday. The A sweater is a nice way to say that I am awesome. The shoes give this outfit have a nice touch of color. I added the scarf for some layering and to help stay warm during the fall season and its pattern helps give the look a little something extra. :) What are some of your awesome everyday looks?

All Black Everything

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

SHIRT: H&M   JEANS: H&M   SHOES: Converse

So I am usually not one to wear one of all color, but in this case it just worked. When I found this shirt at H&M I fell in love it because it was light and airy and in a different style than I am used to. I added the black jeans because it gave the outfit a nice solid look. Wearing white converse it gave the outfit a needed pop!

Pop of Color

Sunday, November 10, 2013

JEANS: Gap   BOOTS: Sam Edelman   SHIRT: Fuego   CARDIGAN: H&M   SCARF: Nordstrom

Hey guys as winter is fast approaching, I am still loving the fall colors. This outfit reminds me of fall a lot. With this look I had a simple jean and a nice airy blouse. If you pair it with a nice soft cardigan you can have a cute look. I added the scarf to not only give it color, but to make it a little bit more warm.  

This Is (was) Halloween

Sunday, November 03, 2013

COSTUME: DIY Snow White (Materials from JoAnn Fabrics)   SHOES: Lower Eastside   LIPSTICK: MAC Lady Bug

Ok ok, I know that I haven't been posting as often but I have been wrapping up my quarter at school and things have been pretty busy! I wanted to post my super amazing Halloween costume though before it got too late! I am so grateful that I have a sister and mom who know how to put this together for me. This year was all about DIY and I was so excited to be Snow White. The tulle skirt was difficult to make but I plan on wearing it with more than just this costume. We took a normal v-neck shirt and cut off the sleeves to sew on new ones which were just made from strips of fabric and elastic. With adding white tights and a red bow to complete a homemade snow white costume. I hope everyone had a great Halloween.